Deep Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence concerned with the use of neural networks for carrying out various non-linear tasks. To lighten the mood of people who are stuck at reading research papers day in and day out, The Click Reader presents to you ‘Ten Deep Learning Jokes That You’ll Only Understand If You Really Know Deep Learning’.

1. Are you really a data scientist if you haven’t done this?

Deep Learning Joke 1
Source: xkcd

2. Machines will never be too cool enough to not care.

Deep Learning Joke 2

Source: xkcd

3. How to annoy your team members.

Deep Learning Joke 3

4. The more layers you have in your NN, the more you believe in astrology.

Deep Learning Joke 4
Source: Reddit

5. Quick! There’s a fire!

Deep Learning Joke 5
Source: vas3k

6. For those of you who laughed at number 2.

Deep Learning Joke 6

7. There’s a reason why I’m writing funny articles now.

Deep Learning Joke 7
Source: devRant

8. The gold one.

Deep Learning Joke 8
Source: Towards Data Science

9. The two types of Machine Learning articles.

Deep Learning Joke 9
Source: vas3k

10. The sweet pleasure of getting your Neural Network to work correctly.

Deep Learning Joke 10

You told that you were training your model to read this article, didn’t you? Get back to work.

We hope you had a good laugh.

Now off you go to actual productive work!


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