The following list shows the OnePlus Mobile Phone Price in Nepal for the year 2020. If you are looking to buy a OnePlus mobile phone, then this list covers all budget, mid-range and high-end OnePlus Phones.

oneplus mobile phone price in nepal 2020

OnePlus Price List

  1. One Plus 5T (6+64GB) Price in Nepal: Rs.46,000
  2. One Plus 6 (8+128GB) Price in Nepal: Rs.60,000
  3. One Plus 7 (8+256GB) Price in Nepal: Rs.60,000
  4. One Plus 6 (8+256GB) Price in Nepal: Rs.65,000
  5. One Plus 7T (8+128GB) Price in Nepal: Rs.67,000
  6. One Plus 6T (8+128GB) Price in Nepal: Rs.70,000
  7. One Plus 7 Pro (6+128GB) Price in Nepal: Rs.75,000
  8. One Plus 7 Pro (8+256GB) Price in Nepal: Rs.99,900
  9. One Plus 7T Pro (8+256GB) Price in Nepal: Rs.99,999
  10. One Plus 7 Pro (12+256GB) Price in Nepal: Rs.109,000

In Conclusion

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