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TensorFlow 2.0 for Deep Learning (Course IX)

TensorFlow 2.0 for Deep Learning (Course IX)

TensorFlow 2.0 for Deep Learning (Course IX)

Welcome to this course on TensorFlow 2.0 for Deep Learning!

In this course, you will be learning all about the TensorFlow 2.0 library open-sourced by Google. Using the library, you will also learn how to build multiple Machine Learning and Deep Learning models.

Objectives of the course

The learning objectives of the course are set out as follows:

  • Learn how to install and import TensorFlow 2.0 library in Python
  • Learn about Tensor and Tensor Operations
  • Learn how to perform Linear and Logistic Regression using TensorFlow 2.0
  • Learn how to build your own Dense Neural Network, Convolutional Neural Network and Recurrent Neural Network.

You can expect to have all of these objectives met by the time you reach the end of this course.

Pre-requisites for the course

If this is your first time working on Python, it may be hard for you to effectively grasp all the concepts. Therefore, the following pre-requisites are necessary for you to get the best out of the course:

  • Solid understanding of the Python programming language
  • Familiar with Pandas, Matplotlib and Numpy
  • Solid understanding with the theoretical concepts of Deep Learning

If you do not have the above pre-requisites, don’t worry! You can always come back later to this course once you are ready.

Ready to add a fundamental skill to your data science portfolio? See you in the course!

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