‘Covariant, a Berkeley-based startup, has come out of stealth and thinks its robots are ready for the big time.’ – Technology Review

Knapp Group, a leading supplier of intelligent automation technology and software for logistics and production started hunting for an AI-powered robot to automate their tasks. However, they failed time after time until Covariant came along.

Covariant’s algorithm has now been deployed in two Knapp customers’ warehouses and is showing great results. The robotic arm is able to pick up different types of items and then, move it to the correct place.

Covariant has been able to pick up almost 95% of the product ranges and fragile items such as glass is still handled by human workers. The company has now raised over $27 million to date for developing its AI technology.

In Conclusion

What do you think about this robot by Covariant? Do you want to learn how does robotic grasping work? Check it out here.


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