A Complete Data Visualization Course

Data Visualization is a form of art that has both a technique and a meaning associated with it. A good visualization artist is able to convey information in an easy-to-perceive manner through powerful visualizations.

A Complete Data Visualization Course [Introduction] - The Click Reader

‘A Complete Data Visualization Course’ is an online course made by The Click Reader for helping beginner as well as expert data visualization professionals learn state of the art data visualization methods.

The contents of this course have a perfect blend of specialization and generalization of topics. This means that too general topics like ‘What is a bar chart?’ and too specific topics such as “How to make a world map in HTML?” are not covered in this course.

How many data visualization techniques are covered in this course?

Data Visualization is a broad field and there are a lot of ways to visualize different types of data. However, the course only covers five such techniques.

Although five maybe a small number, the content covered in this course hasn’t been covered in any other Massive open online courses out there.

Examples of data visualizations covered in this course

Let us first have a look at what we are getting ourselves into. Here is a list of our top 5 favourite data visualizations:

  1. Global Commodities interactive tool- Visualization Link

Global Commodities interactive tool is a Spatio-temporal visualization that shows the worldwide commodity imports and exports over the last decade and is developed by DailyFX. The tool gives information on specific indicators of economic performance by scrolling the right-hand panel and navigating through the globe by selecting specific countries and time frames.

Students of this course will be able to build powerful Spatio-temporal visualizations like this in chapter I.

2. Acoustic Garage – Visualization Link

The Acoustic Garage visualization by Autoneum is an automotive visualization that allows the users of the web-app to configure the perfect car sound package. The application allows users to take the car for a drive in a virtual setting.

Students of this course will be able to build amazing automotive visualizations like this in chapter II.

3. Drowning in Plastic – Visualization Link

Drowning in Plastic is an infographic visualization that was made by Reuters Graphics for raising awareness about plastic pollution. The visualization provides visual references and cues to show how much plastic has piled up over time.

Drowning in Plastic

Students of this course will be able to build meaningful infographic visualizations like this in chapter III.

4. Crappy Explanation – Visualization Link

Crappy Explanation is an aesthetical visualization that is made by Zajno Crew for their organization’s website. It features a not-so crappy explanation about their website with the use of controlled chaos.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-3-1024x529.png

Students of this course will be able to build aesthetical visualizations like this in chapter IV.

Course Content

Chapter I: Spatio-Temporal Visualization

Chapter II: Automotive Visualization

Chapter III: Infographic Visualization

Chapter IV: Aesthetical Visualization (Scheduled for Release)

In Conclusion

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